How To Sterilize Baby Bottles

How to Keep Baby Bottles Sterile When Out of the House By Jason S Kassel One concern for a mother is keeping a baby bottle sterile. You do not want to risk the bottle becoming contaminated, after all, so you will want to make sure that it is clean before each use. Without an actual sterilizer on the go, though, this might seem impossible. You cannot easily sterilize like you do at home, leaving you confused. Thankfully, there is a simple solution. You do not have to worry about this too much, even if you are the type over obsess about sterilization and cleanliness. You can have everything ready to use in a short amount of time without worries. Sterilized bottles do remain sterilized. If you sterilize the bottle, fill it up, and then place the cap on top, you do not have to worry about it over the next 12 hours. It will remain sterile and ready to use without fears. If you are going more than 12 hours, though, you may need to sterilize once again to make sure that the bottle is good to go. To do this, you can run the nipple under boiling water. Boiling water is available at some locations. Find one and use it to make the bottle ready for feeding. For mothers using formula, it is easy to keep everything sterilized. When it comes to formula that you add to water, fill up a sterile bottle with cooled boiled water. Seal it tightly and cap it, then place it in your bag. You can hold onto the bottle for however long you need it. Formula that is ready to go can remain in its packaging until feeding time. Both types will not have any issues in their own packaging. You can add them as necessary and keep the bottle sterile the entire time. Just remember to choose packaging that stays closed and that is ready to go. A main thing to remember is to keep everything closed, clean, and sterile. As long as you thoroughly clean your bottles and as long as you sterilize properly, you should not have any concerns. The sterilization process will keep the bottle clean even when you are out. How you package and carry the bottles, though, may change that. If your bottles come into contact with other surfaces or fall, they may not remain sterile. Remember to use caps, keep the bottle protected, and only begin taking out and using the bottle when about to feed. Breast Pumps and Baby Bottles is a website full of informative articles on these necessary products. Article Source: